Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wedding Inspiration

Can you believe it's already February? I can't.  When we started planning our wedding we had over a year to go.  Time is slowly but surely creeping up on us! We have officially 249 days until I'm his "Mrs."! I can only hope that I keep my calm as our date inevitably gets closer. My ultimate goal is to keep my cool...because lets get real here! Things will go wrong and at the end of the day all that matters is that we have committed our lives and our love to each other. Okay, moving on! 
When I envision our wedding I see deep romantic hues of cranberry, fig, and gold.
Lots of gold! 
It will be a chic and crisp palette for the beginning of  Fall. 
I've discovered my wedding style is a lot like my personal style...
A little concoction of BHLDN meets woodsy/ romantic and then went classic.
So I thank the gods of photographs for allowing me to give people an idea what the heck I am talking about!


I am truly trying to enjoy every moment of our engagement. I'd love to hear how you all savored your moments before and even after you said "I do"!


  1. Obsessing over that first shot! Those bridesmaid dresses and color choices are perfect!
    xo TJ

    1. Right!! I think so too :) Now i'm convincing myself that I need a sparkly dress for something! My bridesmaids get to have all the fun!

  2. too gorgeous! I love all the glitter and pretty touches of gold. I have yet to tie the knot but I'm really looking forward to the planning portion!


    1. Glad you like :) Planning is fun! Thank goodness for Pinterest & Etsy!

  3. Fun inspo! Loving the bouquet! The colors are lovely!


  4. love all the inspiration! i'm getting married in the fall too and am so excited :)

    xo brie

    1. Yay for fall weddings! What is your date?!


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