Thursday, January 30, 2014

50 Shades of Black as of lately I've developed this thing for wearing black. A ton of outfits I have been drawn too...mostly all back...just bought a top from Target and guess what! IT'S BLACK! Of course I love seeing tons of fashion bloggers talking about winter white..yada yada go ladies, embrace yourselves! As for me...I'll embrace my classic, winter black.  Let me confess my skin is enough winter white for all of us combined! I'll be keeping my white skinnies right where they belong in my drawer until this temperature in MD hits 70!
Here is a little of my black wearin' inspiration...


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What would Catie wear...

Logan and I have decided we don't travel enough...
So enter...A random trip to Savannah, GA!
I was lucky enough to have a long weekend off at the end of February so we went ahead and booked our room while deciding on a few pit stops we plan to make along the way.
I am so excited for the culture, food, river walk, open markets, food, ghost tours, food...and well you get the point! 
A weekend away with my favorite person...this thing is sounding pretty good! 
As soon as we booked our room I immediately was wondering what the weather is going to be like especially now that even Charleston is expecting some snow this week.
I rounded up some of my favorite outfit inspirations via Pinterest and hope I can recreate some of the looks with what I have in my closet...
or I might just have to go do a little shopping...
i'll probably, most definitely, go shopping. :)
I like to keep my outfits casual and comfortable (but chic all the while)
Add in a little side of boho/ free people
and BOOM that's how I like to dress. 
Sounds more complicated than what it is.....


I would love any recommendations for our trip :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

On getting engaged...

I was literally proposed to with a message in a bottle....I can't say that I would have even done better if I had planned it out myself.  I think back every day on how lucky I was to have no idea when it was going to happen and that Logan didn't give in and propose on a whim.  

I was even more surprised when I looked down to see a ring that had been Logan's grandmothers for 60+ years...
such a special gift.

We were able to spend the rest of the day with our families, Logan's grandmother included, celebrating her 89th birthday.
Logan's grandmother passed away the next week-- strange enough how god works.  We were entirely blessed with all of the time we had with her.

For our engagement pictures we were able to go back to the island where Logan proposed a few months prior.
One of my best friends, Sarah, was able to capture us both so perfectly.
I can't thank her enough for these pictures that we will cherish for many years to come! 
Not to be biased-- but she is the bomb diggity...the bee's knees...words can not say enough...she just has a good soul! 

Every day is moving so quickly-- only nine months to go until the wedding! 
How can I make time slow down? 

All images via Sarah Murray Photography

Friday, January 17, 2014


Hi, I'm Catie!
A 22 year old nurse that's a little bit trendy and a whole lotta free spirit. I can't wait to document my life as I tell my stories of the past and present, brag about my friends, show you things I like to wear, share my journey as I become a wife, and try to make my little house in the woods a home.
... and if i'm lucky maybe i'll make a few new friends along the way :)

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